Air Purification System Installed

In our continuing effort to provide a safe environment for parishioners to attend Mass, the parish has invested in a new air purification system in the church. Manufactured by Global Plasma Solutions, this patented technology “Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization” (NPBI) purifies air by eliminating airborne particulates, odors and pathogens. Laboratory tests have shown the system to reduce the human coronavirus by over 90%. The system was installed recently by our HVAC provider, Centraire.

GPS’s technology has been used in the past to help eliminate other viruses, including influenza. The NPBI ionization process targets pathogens, disrupting their surface proteins and rendering them inactive. The system also clears the air faster by enlarging particles that are then easier to capture in filtration systems. Independent laboratory testing has proven this method to be safe, effective and ozone-free so safe for the environment.

WCCO Channel 4 recently did a story on the filtration system. You can view it here

This system should provide safer air in the church, which is especially important as we head into the winter months and the exterior doors will need to be closed. Please contact the parish office with any questions, 651-224-7536.